1. Transmitting copyrighted software or other copyrighted material over the network without authorization is prohibited.
  2. The use of the electronic mail system is reserved solely for the conduct of business at the university. It maynot be used for personal business.
  3. Email should be retrieved regularly, at least once per day.
  4. The electronic mail system may not be used to solicit or proselytize for commercial ventures, religious or political causes, outside organizations, or other non-job-related solicitations.
  5. The use of the university e-mail network for sending or storing messages, which are harassing, obscene or fraudulent, is prohibited.
  6. The NTU reserves and intends to exercise the right to review, audit, intercept, access and disclose all messages created, received or sent over the electronic mail system for any purpose. The contents of electronic mail properly obtained for legitimate business purposes, may be disclosed within the university without the permission of the user.
  7. Users shall not use a code, access a file, or retrieve any stored information, unless authorized to do so.
  8. Users should not attempt to gain access to another user's messages without his or her permission.
  9. Any users who discover a violation of this policy shall notify the name of the person involved to
  10. Willfully or maliciously degrading the performance of the network is prohibited. All e-mail correspondence that exceeds the capacity of the mailbox is 5 MB for staff and 2 MB for student and will be deleted withoutnotice.
  11. Faculty and staff who are taking extended vacation must notify, in writing, the Center for Information Technology Services (NTU) to "hold" or "redirect" their mail.
  12. All undeliverable e-mail will be removed and purged by the E-mail System Administrator.
  13. E-mail software, the network, and all hardware are subject to inspection without notice by authorized staffs, representatives, or agents of NTU.
  14. Users will be responsible for e-mail transmitted under their ID's.