Q: How to connect to MMU Network?
A: Either use wired or wireless connection. For wired connection, you may use RJ-45 cable (cat5e) and connect to the network port. Enable DHCP in your computer.
Q: Im staying at hostel and I have issue with campus network
A: Kindly report via online helpdesk so that our technicians can troubleshoot the problem at your end.
Q: I have report via online service desk but the technician did not follow up with me.
A: Login to your online service desk, check whom the case assigned to and you may contact him directly via email or office phone. You may obtain his email address and contact number from staff directory which is in MMU Portal
Q: Im unable to use MMU VPN/ftp/webmail/personal homepage
A: For Cyberjaya student kindly refer to coldarra.
Q: What is the network speed in campus?
A: Our network equipments support 10/100/1000Mbps (end user).
Q: Why is in faculty the network is much faster compared to in the hostel ?
A: We do not discriminate the network speed. Only valid MMU servers will have dedicated bandwidth. The rest of the users in campus will share the available bandwidth.
Q: Why is the Internet slow ?
A: The bandwidth has been distributed equally campus wide. When there are lots of user in campus you may experience slowness. Besides that MMU give priority for browsing, the rest of the traffic is on best effort service only. Gaming/Torrenting/Streaming Video/Online Movies are not given any quality of service. 
Q: Im having very high latency while playing online games
A: Campus network is solely for research and education purpose. As such we do not support any other services. These services are on best effort only.
Q: Does NTU block any websites ?
A: No
Q: Does NTU block any port ?
A: No
Q: What is MMU's Internet bandwidth capacity?
A: 600Mbps in Cyberjaya campus and 400Mbps in Melaka campus. Besides that, MMU have 20Mbps of bandwidth to research network (MyREN2) and 100Mbps for Inter-campus connectivity.