WiFi Access

 To use this service, please make sure that you have an 802.11g standard wireless network interface.

We are using SSID "MMU" as our official wireless communication in Multimedia University. This SSID is authenticated and encrypted. Both authentication and encryption are enabled to allow MMU community to surf Internet within secured environment. You will need to configure your device in order to get connected to SSID "MMU". Kindly refer here for more information. Ensure that your webmail account is active as you will need to use your webmail username and password for wireless authentication.

Stated below are the locations of wireless network access:

  1. Library
  2. FOE Foyer (GF)
  3. FOE Near to CIMB (GF)
  4. FOE Meeting Room (1F)
  5. FOE Meeting Room (3F)
  6. FCM Open Area (LGF)
  7. FCM Meeting Room (GF)
  8. FCM Cafe (GF)
  9. FOM Meeting Room (GF)
  10. FOM Open Area (GF)
  11. FOM Lecture Hall (1F)
  12. FOM MBA/DBA Graduate Room (1F)
  13. Surau
  14. STC Lobby(GF)
  15. STC Finance Meeting Room(GF)
  16. STC SRC Room (2F)
  17. STC EMR (3F)
  18. FIT Lecture Hall (GF)
  19. FIT Open Area (GF)
  20. FIT Meeting Room (1F)
  21. Common Lecture Complex
  22. MPH and Extension MPH
  23. Grand Hall
  24. Hostel Block 1 Food Court
  25. Hostel Block 2 Food Court
  26. Hostel Block 3 Food Court
  27. Hostel Block 4 Food Court
  28. Admin Bulding CCU Seminar and Presentation Room (GF)
  29. Admin Building HR Office (2F)
  30. Admin Building BOD Meeting Room (3F)
  31. Admin Building EMR (3F)
  32. Central Food Court
  33. NTU Office

Change password: https://coldarra.mmu.edu.my (Campus accessible only)