ICEMS / MMLS / Webmail

We have three different important login in MMU for students. These login are meant for ICEMS application (Main Database), MMLS and Webmail.

As such we have three different username and password for each of these system. In order not to confuse students, MMLS and Webmail uses the same username which is your student ID. But take note that if you change your ICEMS password, your MMLS password will only change at midnight and on the other hand your webmail password does not change.

If you have forgotten your student webmail password, you may reset it yourself provided you still remember your ICEMS password. Kindly refer to to reset your webmail password. 

If you have forgotten your ICEMS password, kindly refer to Student One Stop Center or seek their help

Some of the ICEMS applications are:-

  1. Online Information Center
  2. Online Exam Results
  3. Financial Kiosk
  4. Subject Registration

Webmail services are:-

  1. Webmail
  2. VPN
  3. Wireless


  1. MMLS Cyberjaya
  2. MMLS Melaka

In short, ICEMS, MMLS and Webmail username and password logically are different. Just to avoid confusion we make the username same but the passwords are still in different.

**** For MMU Library Online Database, kindly refer to Library Department. This is totally another different account.