Hostel Network

Hostel Network does not use STREAMYX connection as such please do not use your modem to get connected.

Every hostel room will have one network point. To share network connection with your roommate(s), please use a mini-switch. Avoid using modem, hub and router as it will cause network problem and you may not be able to get connected to the network. Any brand's mini-switch will do. A mini-switch which consists of 4 ports is reasonable enough. It should not cost more than RM100.

Physical Settings

Firstly, connect a RJ-45 (cat5e cable) from the wall socket to your mini-switch. Next, connect another RJ-45 (cat5e cable) from your mini-switch to your computer/laptop. If you have 2 roommates, then use another 2 cables to connect from the mini-switch to their computers.

Logical Settings

Enable DHCP on your computer to obtain IP address automatically

Error Disable

Security features has been enabled in the switches at our end. Thus, if there is any issue at your end, the switch will automatically shut your connection. The error-disable function enables this. When this happen you wont be able to get connected to the campus network and need to report to us via ServiceDesk. It is important for you to ensure that your connection will not be shut.

When do error-disable happen ?

  1. Physical Settings (if you use router or hub instead of mini-switch)
  2. Virus/Worm (if your computer or your roomate's computer infected with virus)
  3. Cable (if you are using a network cat5e cable which is in poor condition)

To avoid error-disable issue, you may want to recheck the above points. If the above issue(s) being fixed at your end, the error-disable may not appear again.

Remember, if you never fix these issues, the error-disable may occur again and again