Accessing MMU Email

In MMU, staffs usually communicate via email. NTU will create an email account for a new staff once notified by Human Capital Management (HCM). HCM will inform the webmail login (username and password) to the new staff.

There are two ways to access your MMU email:

  1. Via the Webmail interface
  2. Via an email client program (see file attachment below)

Accessing your email via the Webmail interface should be self-explanatory. Just use your Unix account login name and password to access the system.

To access your e-mail via an email client program, you can use the information below for the configuration:

Outgoing (SMTP) 25
Incoming (POP3) 110
Incoming (POP3S) 995
Incoming (IMAP) 143
Incoming (IMAPS) 993

Change/Reset Password

To change your MMU webmail password, login to your MMU Webmail. Choose Options, change password. If you have forgotten your webmail password, kindly report via Online ServiceDesk.