Accessing MMU Email

In MMU, staffs usually communicate via email. NTU will create an email account for a new staff once notified by Human Capital Management (HCM). HCM will inform the webmail login (username and password) to the new staff.

There are two ways to access your MMU email:

1. Via the Webmail interface

2. Via an email client program (see file attachment below)

Accessing your email via the Webmail interface should be self-explanatory. Just use your Webmail account login name and password to access the system.

To access your e-mail via an email client program, you can use the information below for the configuration:

Outgoing (SMTP) 25
Incoming (POP3S) 995
Incoming (IMAPS) 993

Both POP3S and IMAPS is actually similar to normal POP3 or IMAP (respectively) except that the connection between your PC and the server is encrypted. IMAP is not recommended (user may take the responsibility of any risk) Make sure that you specify the correct port to use the services provided.

For MMU VPN users, you are advised to set MMU's Internal DNS server ( as the first DNS server in your PC.

Click here for manual on how to configure email client using Outlook Express

Click here for manual on how to configure email client using Incredimail

Change/Reset Password

To change your MMU webmail password, login to your MMU Webmail. Choose Options, change password. If you have forgotten your webmail password, kindly report via Online Helpdesk. We will reset your password and send the email to your other email address. So its important that you give us your other email address too.


Server Name:

Base DN : ou=People,dc=staff,dc=mmu,dc=edu,dc=my Port number: 389

To use LDAP address book in Microsoft Outlook Express, we first have to configure the application to refer to as the directory server. Below is the steps used to connect to the directory server:

  1. First, open the Microsoft Outlook Express application.
  2. Next, click Tools on the menu bar and choose Accounts.
  3. A window will appear. Click the Add button and choose Directory Service.
  4. A directory server windows setup will appear. Enter the name of the directory server as and click Next.
  5. Then, click Yes to use the LDAP directory server as your address book in Microsoft Outlook Express.
  6. Click Next and then on the next window, click Finish.

We have to set the base Distinguished Name for the directory server. This is to specify the LDAP protocol where to look for entries in the server. You don't have to worry of the technical terms mentioned just now. Just follow the instructions below and you will be able to use the address book feature provided by the server.

  1. In the same window above click the Directory Server tab as shown in the figure below. Then double click the entry with the name in the Accounts field.
  2. A window will appear. Change the name of the Account to MMU like as shown in the next figure.
  3. Next, click on the Advanced tab and fill Search base entry as dc=mmu,dc=edu,dc=my. Click Apply and then click OK.
  4. You will find that the entry in the Account field is no longer but it is now MMU.
  5. Finally, click Close on the Internet Accounts window.

Using the Address Book Feature

Simple. Just to show you how simple it is, I'll show you an example with figures. First click on the button Create Mail. A compose window will appear. In the To: entry, just type in mohd and while the cursor is still in the To: entry, press Ctrl+K (Control and 'K' button simultaneously). A window will appear and it will list down all the MMU staffs which have mohd in their name. You might notice that the email address in the figure has been erased. This is intentional. I don't want spammers to have their email addresses.

Advanced Search using Outlook Express Address Book

Click the Addresses icon on top of Outlook Express window.

  1. An Address Book window will appear. Click on the Find People button.
  2. Find People window will appear. Choose MMU from the Look in drop down selection. The default is Address Book. This is to tell Outlook Express to search using MMU Directory server.
  3. Just type in a portion or the full name of the person you are trying to search in the Name or Email input area and click Find Now to get the result of your entry.
  4. You can use the advanced search feature in Outlook Express by clicking on the Advanced tab on the Find People window.
  5. Define the criteria that you want to search and click Find Now to get the result of your searching.