PC Loan

  1. Loan requisition should be made through the department’s or the faculty’s heads/directors and subject to their approval. For students, they should get the approval from their respective lecturer (academic purposes) while for club and society activities, approval should be obtained from Student Affair & Sport Division (STAD) office. Requisition should be made three (3) working days before the required date. Any delay in requisition might have the chances in turning down the loan request.
  2. Any loan requisition should be referred to the NTU personal and subject to availability of the equipment procedural approach.
  3. In the event that transportation and security measures are needed, the borrower is responsible in making the arrangement.
  4. NTU had the right to do random inspection from time to time to make sure that the user is taking good care of the loan item/hardware.
  5. Borrower will need to test the system and check all peripherals after installation. Upon satisfactory ,the borrowers are required to acknowledge recipient by signing in the loan form.
  6. Borrower is not allowed to make any modification on the equipment (hardware/peripheral/software) and to install any illegal/pirated.
  7. The borrower should take full responsibility if any damages occurred to the system during the loan period. Borrower should be responsible to the cost of repairing for the damaged loan items. Equipment must be handled with extreme care. Any breakage or loss should be report immediately to NTU Administration Office.
  8. The borrower should also take full responsibility if there is any missing parts or the overall items of the loan hardware and they will be responsible to do a complete report on the missing items to the respective party and also bear the cost of the items. Any damage or loss will be billed to the borrower or borrowing organization at a value, which will be determined by NTU, Multimedia University.
  9. A formal written request must be made if the equipment is to be shifted to a venue different from the one indicated. All item borrowed must be returned before 1700 hours on the date show above.
  10. Fine will be imposed for late return or late application.
  11. The maximum loan are 2(two) PCs ONLY. The maximum period is 1(one) week ONLY. Loan PC if more than 2 or the period more than 1 week, need approval from Head of NTU or System Engineers.
  12. For department / faculties, which have technician, their technician will collect and return the equipment to NTU. For students they must come to NTU to collect and return the equipment.
  13. Borrower is required to inform Security for security purpose if the event is more than 1 day and FMD for Electrical Power Supply.
  14. Application must be submitted using the Form bearing the reference number of NTU/MLK/NET/CTECH/LOAN/FR0001A.
  15. Applicant will be required to fill in the form bearing the reference number of NTU/MLK/NET/CTECH/LOAN/FR0001B when receiving and returning the equipment to NTU.
  16. This policy is subject to change at any time without prior notice.