New Phone Request

Below are policies for installing new phone lines for new users in the University :

Installation for New Users

  1. The department itself must note whether the new staff be using an available extension or a new extension is required. Go to step 2 if an extension is already available to use or step 5 if a new extension is required.
  2. If the new staff is sharing an extension or using an extension vacated by a previous staff, then the responsibility of updating the phone directory falls directly with the department itself, not NTU.
  3. The respective staff selected for this duty may update the Phone directory for their department by accessing Phonebill and clicking on “Managerial Tasks (Update/add extension owner).
  4. Failure to update the phone directory makes the department itself answerable to the auditors.
  5. If the creation of a new extension is required, please ensure that there are available ports in the area. NTU will not proceed if there are no ports.
  6. Once telephone port availability has been confirmed, please download the Telephone / Fax request form in intranet
  7. Fill in the required details and get approval and stamp from your head of department.
  8. Once the form has been completed send it to NTU.
  9. NTU will create the extension once approved and key in the staff's details in the Phone Directory.
  10. Document shall be filed for future references.

This policy is subject to change at any time without prior notice.