MMU students kindly reset your password in order to use MMLS and WiFi

MMU students are required to reset their webmail/unix password in order to use WIFI (SSID MMU). Kindly visit here in order to reset your password. Take note that this site is only accessible within campus intranet. You can access our campus network through VPN

Alert on SPAM/Phishing emails

There are a lot of spam and phishing emails. Please do not get confused. A few things to remember

  1. Nothing is free in this world, so don't get excited if someone were to offer you free gift via email
  2. You should never reveal any of your password and banking/ATM pin number via email. NTU Administrator or your personal Bank Officer will NOT ask for your password or pin number
  3. If you have any doubt about the email that you receive, recheck on who is the original sender.Perhaps get help from NTU Administrator if you have difficulty to differentiate whether it is a genuine email or not
  4. If you have reveal your password to the SPAMMER, quickly change your password. If it is your email password, change your email password. If it is your banking pin number, then call your bank and inform them. Better if you go down to the ATM machine and change your pin number immediately
  5. To be safe, kindly change your email password regularly

MMU Phone Bill - Cyberjaya Staff

Please be informed that NTU is responsible to generate MMU phone bill in monthly basis. Any clarification pertaining to personal call or official call kindly consult your respective Unit/Department/Faculty adminstration. Human Capital Management (HCM) require you to fill up and print the official call declaration form which is available in campus intranet. Kindly proceed to Finance Division (STC Building Ground Floor) to make payment on your personal calls.

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